Training Overview.

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  • Self Discovery

    Gain a deeper understanding of yourself by learning about your unique strengths and how to harness them to be a better yoga instructor. Build confidence in yourself by becoming more mindful and aware of how you are showing up in your life and relationships. Learn how to clear out things in your life that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.

  • Master your Practice

    Gain a deeper understanding of the physical practice of yoga & proper alignment in basic poses. Develop Moxie on your mat, play your edge and learn to push your limits while still being mindful and safe! Build strength in your body and mind as you grow your yoga practice. Master your personal yoga practice so you can share that knowledge with your students.

  • M.Powered Teaching

    Become an inspiring yoga instructor that makes a difference for your students. Discover the six foundations of M.Power and how to apply them to your teaching. Learn about our unique sequencing techniques that will help you build an intelligent and challenging yoga class for your students. Master our signature formulas for cueing that will give you the tools to communicate to your class in an efficient and concise way. Empower your students with hands on adjustments and assists that deepen their postures and also feel great. Learn the basics of Anatomy and Physiology for yoga and how to keep your students safe as you challenge them on the mat.

  • Going Deeper

    Go beyond the physical practice of yoga; learn the philosophy behind the practice. Delve into the Yoga Sutras, the 8 Limbed Path, the Yamas & Niyamas, and the Chakras. Gain a basic understanding of traditional yoga techniques including Pranayama, Bandhas, and Meditation, and learn how to apply these essential techniques to build a solid physical yoga practice. Learn how to use Sanskrit in an accessible and non intimidating way. Glean knowledge from our visiting instructors from around the nation with extensive knowledge & experience. See staff bios and visiting instructors below for more info.

  • Meaningful Connections

    Get more involved in the M.Power community! Whether your goal is to become a yoga instructor or develop your personal practice, one thing is certain: You’ll make lasting and meaningful connections with fellow students, visiting instructors, teacher training faculty and M.Power instructors! Become a bigger part of the M.Power family! You will also be given the opportunity to teach actual classes as part of the training for a charitable cause.


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  • Erica Schommer

    Yoga has weaved in and out of Erica's life since childhood, but never became a serious endeavor until she was introduced to the philosophical side of the practice. She pursued yoga teacher training to integrate asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation into mental health therapy treatments. Erica graduated from Boston College with a Master of Arts in mental health therapy shortly before starting her yoga teaching journey. Within the first week of the program at Back Bay Yoga in Boston (currently YogaWorks), she felt immediately drawn to the psychology and history of yoga and recognized its personal and universal application. After having learned a wide range of Western psychological theories to "fix" an individual, she found this holistic perspective refreshing.

    Erica currently holds a psychotherapy license in the state of Maryland (LCPC), and is a registered experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 200). Within the mental health realm, she focuses on trauma informed care, diversity and inclusion, and strengths-based approaches. Her background in mental health informs how she teaches yoga in group settings and teacher trainings. When working with students in teacher trainings, Erica hopes to bring yoga into the hearts of others as more than just a physical practice. Her intention is to hold space for students to learn about themselves while diving deep into the multifaceted world of yoga. Erica enjoys teaching thematic sequencing, alignment, and modifications so postures become accessible for all students. During training, she works closely with the students to tailor the sessions to different learning styles, and encourages group discussion for students to build community with one another. Trust, compassion, and humor are values she strives to embody whether in the studio, at home, on a hike with her dog, or with friends and family. Grateful for each moment of her own journey, Erica keeps this practice and lifestyle close to her heart, and is thrilled to share it with you.

  • Jermain Keene

    Jermain initially began exploring yoga as a manner of diversifying his movement diet and also providing mental balance to his work as a financial analyst. Between weightlifting, crossfit, kickboxing and cardio, yoga came to be a much welcomed compliment to his already vigorous routine. As his practice deepened, Jermain also found a strong connection to the more restorative side of yoga including breathwork and meditation.

    Jermain first connected with M.Power as the studio’s very first member and proceeded to enroll in its first yoga teacher training just months later. With a burning desire to share what he had learned, Jermain began teaching straightaway upon graduation and has been going strong ever since. In addition to being an E-200 RYT, Jermain also holds certifications in prenatal yoga, aerial yoga, thai bodywork and several formats of barre.

    Jermain believes in meeting each student exactly where they are.

  • Krista Darrell

    Krista has been a practitioner of yoga for over ten years and, in a desire to advance her own practice, embarked on the journey of yoga teacher training in 2015 at M.Power. She had no intention of becoming a yoga teacher but that all changed once she saw the positive impact she could have on others through helping advance/discover their individual yoga practice. Krista has been teaching ever since and loves helping new yogis learn (and nail) the basics. As a mentor, Krista loves helping those in the YTT program discover their individual expression of yoga, whether that means walking away as a teacher, or a student. She also loves snuggling with her pup, Mr. Fox, relaxing at home, and connecting with friends out in Baltimore.

  • Kyana Underwood

    Kyana Underwood is a RYT - 200 certified yoga instructor from Baltimore, MD. She teaches M1, M2 and Melt weekly at M. Power as well as free classes throughout the city. In a city where over two-thirds of the population identifies as black or African-American, Kyana would like to see more people of color teach and practice yoga. Kyana is excited to be a YTT coach because representation matters. Also, she’s had great yoga mentors and feels a responsibility to pass on what she’s learned.

    Kyana loves movement; she has a dance background and has practiced yoga for approximately ten years. The only thing that can keep her still is a good book.

  • Jason Herd

    Jason Herd, a co-founder of M.Power, has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. He was originally drawn to the deeper roots of the practice: the breath, meditation and the philosophy of yoga. He initially used yoga to supplement other workouts like lifting weights and cardio and it provided him the benefits of a calm and present mind. After discovering the challenge of Power Yoga, that all changed. Yoga quickly became his workout of choice, and the deeper practice took a back seat. After many yoga induced injuries caused by classes that pushed the envelope without regard to safe guarding the body, Jason has returned to his roots and what originally drew him to the practice. He is currently studying with one of the most experienced and respected Yoga teachers in the West, Rod Stryker. Jason designs his classes to give you the workout you are looking for while introducing you to the essential techniques that respect your body's limits so you can enjoy a lifetime of yoga: alignment, breath, and a present and still mind.

  • Betsy Weiner

    Betsy began her yoga journey in 1991 and began teaching in 2001. Her curiosity and search for wisdom lead her to teachers who have informed her personal practice and her teaching. She was introduced to her teacher, YogaRupa Rod Stryker, and ParaYoga, in 2005. Betsy is an initiate in the Sri Vidya tradition, holds her Level 1 ParaYoga Teacher Certification (one of only four in Minnesota), as well as being one of three Certified Four Desires Coaches in the Minneapolis area. She is passionate and committed to continuing her yoga studies to deepen her own practice, and holds thousands of hours of advanced yoga training. She has lead, facilitated, and mentored students in the Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis for over 16 years. Betsy is also a certified Health and Wellness Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
    Betsy takes what she does seriously and is able to share deeper teachings with humor, compassion and simplicity. She approaches life as a seeker; with curiosity and a beginners mind. Betsy has been married to an amazing man for over 18 years, and has two teenagers who continue to remind her to live in the moment. She loves to spend time with her family, and encourages building community whenever possible. She loves to travel, is always up for an adventure, and enjoys time outdoors in nature. She loves to sing, (moonlighting as a back-up singer in a cover band!), dancing, cooking, and laughing and connecting with friends. Betsy has a serious appreciation and love for high fashion (what?!) and interior design and believes that these things can live harmoniously in a yogic lifestyle.
    Betsy founded Amrita Health and Wellness in 2016 as the culmination of her years of study and practice. She utilizes her knowledge of yoga, wellness theory, and her work with YogaRupa Rod Stryker and the Four Desires, to assist clients in uncovering their highest potential to create a life full of meaning, purpose, joy, and good health.

  • Katie Thorworth

    Katie Thorworth is an E-500 RYT, YACEP and a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. She started teaching yoga in 2000, and has taught thousands of classes and helped launch hundreds of yogis’ teaching careers over the years. She has taught in many studios, and is in high demand for private yoga sessions. She has participated in several 200/ 500hr yoga teacher training programs, including Yogaworks, MD and University of Maryland, and specializes in the anatomy of movement.

    Katie is well known in the local complementary and alternative medicine community. What makes Katie’s teaching so sought-after is her understanding of how yoga and physical therapy share many therapeutic principles. She creates functional programs through yoga that address individual-specific wellness goals. Treating injured athletes, neurological patients, and Baby Boomers alike – Katie is adept at bridging the gap between yoga and integrative medicine. A gifted teacher, she excels at explaining health in a way that is accessible, and has the benefit of being rooted in the best that contemporary research has to offer. 

    Katie believes in putting the responsibility and power of one’s health back into a person’s own hands.

  • Dani Reidy

    Founder and creator of Arrow, Dani's vision is to empower women through wellness, travel and leadership development. After years of self struggle and uncertainty, Dani found yoga as an outlet for deep connection and healing. With an interest in travel, culture and health, Dani was motivated to bring her passions together as a way to inspire all women to realize their true essence. As an entrepreneur, Dani also sees the importance in providing women with resources to become effective leaders in the world. With a degree in Anthropology and as a 500 E-RYT in yoga, Dani has developed techniques on how to bring mindfulness in to the modern day woman's life. Dani is proud to have trained with and continues to be inspired by her teachers, Baron Baptiste, Elena Brower, and Ally Bogard. Dani has also deepened her knowledge of the chakras in India with Laughing Lotus teachers, Ali Cramer and Deborah Langley. Dani also has a certification in the psychology of yoga with world renowned chakra expert, Anodea Judith. Her purpose is inspire women to remember their greatness and promote a deeper self love.



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