What to Expect

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  • Wear comfortable workout clothes that let you stretch and work up a sweat.
  • Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water. All of these are available to rent or buy at the studio if you forget something.
  • Our doors are open 30 minutes before the start of class. During class our doors are locked. Please leave yourself plenty of time to arrive to the studio before the scheduled start time of your class.
  • Check in at the front desk with the instructor, fill out a new student form, and get a quick tour.
  • Please turn your cell phones off or to vibrate upon entering the studio. Observe silence in the yoga room before class to allow fellow students to meditate and relax.
  • Please refrain from using strong scents, such as cologne and perfume while in the studio.
  • Please leave bags, phones, and other personal items in the locker rooms.

Which Class is Right for You?

Are You New to Yoga?

M·Power 1

A great place to start your M.Power Yoga journey. This non-heated Power Vinyasa Intro class provides more breakdowns and demos for the new student. It is accessible to the beginner, but still challenging for the advanced practitioner. The sequence is the same every time, allowing you to master the poses and feel comfortable before moving on to level two.

In the Mood to Flow and Deepen?

M·Power 2

M.Power’s signature Vinyasa class, M.Power 2 connects poses in a new and creative way. This advanced Vinyasa Flow introduces inversions, advanced arm balances, and more involved transitions. This class will challenge your practice and help you play your edge, but is sequenced and presented in an accessible way. MP2 is taught in a heated room at 95-97 degrees, with 30% humidity. The heat helps loosen muscles, increase flexibility, and create a cardiovascular workout.

In the Mood to Sculpt and Tone?

M·Power Barre

This is a dynamic 60-minute cardio workout that will help you move mindfully while building coordination, strength, and self-awareness. The stretching and toning of yoga, the core work of Pilates, and the strengthening principles of ballet combine to make this an interesting and invigorating workout. Barre is a high-intensity class and you'll notice the benefits even after your first visit. You can find three styles of M.Power Barre on the schedule: Classic Barre, Cardio Barre and Pilates Barre. All 3 formats are accessible to students of any level, beginners are always welcome!

In the Mood to Relax and Unwind?

Mend Restorative

Need to relax and unwind? This is the class to fit your mood. Mend combines elements of Yin Yoga and Vinyasa, gently stretching and healing the connective tissue while holding poses, but still offering some light movement at points throughout class. Mend never requires strain or exertion. Come to class prepared to relax and go inward!

In the Mood to Sweat and Detox?

Melt Hot Fusion

A more therapeutic, yet still challenging class, Melt is a series of postures practiced at a 101-104 degrees, with 40% humidity. This sequence is a fusion between Vinyasa Yoga and the static traditional Hot Yoga series, incorporating the best of both worlds. It increases strength and tones muscle while promoting relaxation and stress relief. Recommended if you want to lose weight, challenge your focus, or just sweat it out.

In the Mood to Be Inspired?

Music in Motion

Live music in class is one or our specialties at M.Power. This class features a wide range of local musicians of all genres, including instrumental, acoustic, and singer-songwriters. Music In Motion rotates seasonally to different time slots and different formats. Check our schedule above for more info!


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  • What is Power Vinyasa Yoga?

    The definition of Vinyasa is “to place in a special way.” This vigorous and challenging style of yoga is unique because it focuses on connecting breath to movement, flowing from one pose to the next. M•Power’s signature style of Vinyasa not only focuses on flow but also connects poses in a new and creative way. Our advanced classes are creatively yet safely sequenced by our teachers, and are taught in a heated room at 95-97 degrees with 30% humidity.

  • Why are classes heated at M·Power?

    Heat helps create a more challenging cardiovascular workout on the mat, but has many other benefits as well. Heat helps increase flexibility by warming the muscles from the outside inward. It aids in increasing circulation and can help to boost the immune system. Adding heat to a yoga class causes you to be acutely aware and mindful of your breath and your body. If you are overexerting or not breathing enough you will quickly notice and have to adjust.

  • What classes do not have heat?

    M·Power 1, M·Power Barre Fitness, and Mend Restorative Yoga are non-heated options on our class schedule.

  • When should I not practice in the heat?

    If you are pregnant and are not a regular practitioner of heated yoga you should not practice in the heat. If you have not properly hydrated beforehand you should avoid heated classes and the possibility of over-heating. Students under the age of 17 are not permitted to practice in the heat at M·Power Yoga.

  • Why do classes have music playing?

    One of the foundations of M·Power Yoga is “Motivating Through Creativity.” Music can add a creative and inspiring element to yoga classes. We ask our teachers to pick music that fits the theme and style of class that they are teaching to create an all encompassing experience for you when you practice.

  • What does Yoga mean?

    Yoga is a Sanskrit word that translates as “union”, or “to yoke.” At M·Power Yoga our goal is to unite your mind, body, and spirit on a deeper level while also uniting you to a supportive community where you can make meaningful connections. We want to inspire you to live your most m•powered and connected life, on and off the mat.

  • Why are the doors locked at times throughout the day?

    At M·Power Yoga we value your time. It is important to hold a space where you can safely and comfortably disconnect from the outside world and enjoy the full hour of “you time.” We lock the doors while classes are in session for the safety and respect of our students who are practicing. Please allow enough time to check in and arrive on your mat before the class is scheduled to begin.

  • My child would like to practice yoga with me. Is it ok if I bring them along?

    The minimum age to practice at M·Power is 12-years-old. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and may only practice non-heated yoga. You may practice yoga on your own between the ages of 16-17 years if you first obtain a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian. Heated classes may only be attended by those 17 years and older.

  • How do I sign up for class?

    It’s simple and easy. To sign up for class, just check our schedule on the classes page and choose the class you’d like to attend. Click the “Sign Up” link and you can register online. Show up 30 minutes early and we will give you a tour and get you oriented to the studio before class. You can also simply show up and sign up when you arrive. 

  • What do I need to bring for Barre class?

    Come to Barre with everything you would bring to a yoga class: A mat, water, and clothes that are comfortable to work out and stretch in. 

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