The Moxie Sessions: Yoga 101 – CANCELLED

Feb 3, 2018
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Have you never been to a yoga class before? Perfect, this will be a great ice breaker and introduction to what you will encounter! Can’t touch your toes? Excellent, we will highlight different ways to modify and use props to help you limber up while staying safe.
During this super accessible (and FUN) Moxie session we will break down the standard poses and sequences you will find in most yoga classes so there will be no major surprises when you first step onto your mat. We will also teach you what it feels like to have correct alignment in some of the key postures found in most sequences. We will play around with blocks and straps (they are your friend!) then close out with an open discussion about some of the funky phrases you may also encounter in your yoga classes.

If you think you’re “bad at yoga” or that you don’t “know enough about yoga” then this moxie session has your name all over it, in the best way possible. And for the record, you can’t be “bad” yoga; but don’t worry, we’ll talk about that too.

Come ready to learn, laugh, and get a great workout in!

Led by Krista Darrell and Becca Larson. Saturday February 3rd, 3pm-4:30pm. Free for members, $25 for non members.

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