The Moxie Session: In the Flow – An exploration of common & quirky transitions for the Vinyasa yogi

Jun 29, 2019
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Join Erica for a 2 hour tour of transitions to get you back and forth, to and from, and in between poses with grace and ease.

Learning the alignment and proper muscle engagement of yoga poses is one thing. However if you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau in your practice, adding in new transitions is a great way to spice it up in the flow of a group class sequence.  Expect to refine common Vinyasa transitions like stepping, hopping, and jumping and then learn ways to move in and out of standing and balancing poses in unique ways with and without props. Familiarity with Vinyasa yoga is recommended- there will be inversion transitions with variations for those not yet flipping upside down.  “In the Flow” will be focused on creating a moving meditation and acceptance of taking a variety of paths to reach the same goals. The road less traveled may just be the right road for you!

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