Spinal Liberation and Backbending

Apr 14, 2018
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Repetition in our daily routine can lead to gradual weakening of unused parts of the body and mind. And while our regular yoga practice promotes strength in the body, and clarity in the mind, too much repetition may still lead to unintended limitations. A well formed down dog may help to develop strong muscle tissue along the spine, but may also leave adjacent muscles weak from inattention. A strong work ethic may leave little time balancing moments of joy and relaxation.  The constructs and expectations of a modern lifestyle place both obvious and subtle influences on the workings of the mind and body; and the more ingrained patterns become, the harder it is to move out of them.  



 In this workshop, we will explore dynamic movement of the spine — through flow of both traditional and nontraditional yogic movements — with the goal of building stronger, safer, and more liberated expression of your backbend.  By discovering deep flexiture of the spine, you will transform expectations about your body, and develop new knowledge of your own abilities, to promote mind-body connection and help balance strength, space, and freedom in your daily life.  All levels welcome. Moderate physical demands.




Led by special guest instructor Kristin Walsh. $35 for non members, $28 for members. Sign up here! 




Recently transplanted to San Francisco, where she has been enjoying many opportunities for yogic growth and expansion, Kristin returns to her home turf to share this workshop with you.  A former “resident” instructor and Teacher Trainer at M. Power, Kristin has completed numerous trainings including: tantra, vinyasa, meditation, prenatal yoga, and thai massage. With thousands of hours of experience in teaching and training on the mat, she has a well-rounded understanding of modern yoga, and how it continues to ebb and flow with a changing landscape.  Kristin feels passionate about meeting her students where they are, and empowering them to take ownership of their own happiness and well being. 

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