Rock Solid Foundations

Jan 26, 2019
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Are you not sure if you’re doing a certain pose ‘right’? Wondering how you can take your practice to the next level? Or maybe you’re considering signing up for Yoga Teacher Training? No matter where you are in your practice, having a solid foundation is key to building your in-studio and/or at-home practice.


The focus of this Moxie Session is centered around mastering your practice. We will be breaking down some foundational poses/sequences, talk through what it means to flow, and play around with flowing fast versus slow. We will also explore, and try out, some not so common things you can do to build your practice at home and on your mat in the studio. This moxie session will not only help you gain a deeper understanding of the physical practice of yoga; but will better equip you to recognize your limits and safely push/grow past them, while still being mindful.

The icing on the cake: Cost for session is FREE FOR ALL and attendees of this moxie session will be able to take advantage of the Yoga Teacher Training Early Bird Pricing (which saves you $300!!) taking place March 2 – May 19, 2019.

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