Live M.Powered: Using the Energetics of Yoga to Connect to the True You.

Aug 13, 2017
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

A six-week class series Led by Jason Herd.

Delve deep and discover your full potential, using yoga to transform and empower your life through very subtle, yet extremely powerful aspects of your practice.

Dates: Sunday August 13th to October 1st 3pm-6pm.

Six 3-hour Sunday sessions with no sessions occurring on Labor Day weekend or on Sunday September 24th. 

Each session will include both lecture and practice.

Designed for curious students who want to experience the full benefits of yoga, as well as anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and expertise. ADVANCE PHYSICAL PRACTICE IS NOT REQUIRED: Simply come with an open mind and a desire to evolve physically, mentally and spiritually.
This class series is an approved continuing education program for certified Yoga Alliance instructors.

Yoga is a different experience for everyone. Every body is built differently and, because of this, experiences each pose and every practice in a unique way. Depending on your body, temperament, constitution, lifestyle, or even mood on a particular day, your needs will be different.

In this series you will learn how to develop a personal yoga practice that will rejuvenate your body and mind so that you can live an empowered life that will help connect you to the truest version of yourself.


• Become familiar with the energetic effects of all of the categories of yoga poses and why you would choose to practice them. Use mindful movement to gain a deeper understanding of how a pose works and what its effects are.

• Learn Pranayama (breathing techniques) that will allow you to master the moment, as well as calm and soothe your nervous system, allowing your body to heal and rejuvenate.

• Use meditation as a tool to transform your future for the better and find deeper clarity and self-awareness in everyday life.

• Study the science of Ayurveda and how to use it to bring your life back into balance and equilibrium.

• Learn the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, and how it can help you find deep rest, relaxation and healing.

• Leave the six week class series with the tools necessary to build a personal practice catered specifically to you and your needs.


Whether you want to use yoga to help with stress and anxiety, or bring more clarity, energy and self-awareness to your life, this series will provide you with tools to be able to better understand the subtle powers of yoga and how to use them to your benefit.


Non-Member Cost is $400 and Member Cost is $320.  Yoga Teachers get 40% off. Must show proof of current active teaching status. Email for more info. 

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Jason, a co-founder of M.Power, has been teaching yoga for over 10 years.

He was originally drawn to the deeper roots of the practice: the breath, meditation and the philosophy of yoga. He initially used yoga to supplement other workouts like lifting weights and cardio and it provided him the benefits of a calm and present mind. After discovering the challenge of Power Yoga, that all changed. Yoga quickly became his workout of choice, and the deeper practice took a back seat.

After many yoga-induced injuries caused by classes that pushed the envelope without safeguarding the body, Jason has returned to his roots and what originally drew him to the practice. He is currently studying with one of the most experienced and respected Yoga teachers in the West, Rod Stryker. Jason designs his classes to give you the workout you are looking for while introducing you to the essential techniques that respect your body’s limits so you can enjoy a lifetime of yoga: alignment, breath, and a present and still mind.


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