Knee Deep in Knee Pain – Rescheduled

Jan 5, 2019
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Do your knees ache with running, squatting, working out, or even yoga? Do you want to feel your best for the Baltimore Running Festival?  This workshop is for you!

During this session, we will dissect knee anatomy to explain the cause of knee pain, and learn exercises to release and strengthen related muscle and facia in order to direct your knees back to health. Yoga postures have been carefully chosen from a Physical Therapy school-of-thought and will balance the Yin style (holding postures for 2-4 minutes at a time) and Vinyasa flow.  Myofascial decompression will be demonstrated during the class*.  Through muscular re-education we will teach students to maintain the benefits of the treatments..

During the workshop we will:

  • Discuss knee anatomy and specific causes and solutions to knee pain
  • Take yoga postures that stretch the knee and strengthen muscles around the knee to redirect knee movement and prevent re-injury
  • Demonstrate myofascial decompression and its benefits*
  • Feel freedom in motion with a renewed, supportive base

* Myofascial decompression, or cupping, is an ancient holistic treatment that uses suction to lift tissue, promoting optimal blood flow, creating more space for movement.


This workshop will be led by Robin Morris and James Dulkerian, DPT, MFDc, on Saturday January 5th, 3pm-5pm
$35 for non members, $28 for members.  For non-members, click here to register
James Dulkerian is a doctor of physical therapy and owner of Pioneer PT specializing in reaching client goals faster without resorting to pain medication or surgery.   James graduated from Ithaca College in December 2008, with his DPT.   He is the only health care provider certified in myofascial decompression in Maryland and the first to offer direct care physical therapy via a mobile clinic in the country. Visit his website at

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