Holiday Member Party: Becoming The Ocean (An Immersive Sound Bath Meditation)

Dec 14, 2019
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The power of Sound is deeply healing. It has the ability to activate our core harmony, balance the cycles of give and take, reduce stress, stimulate glandular health, and nourish the nervous system. Sound healing can help us develop healthy relationships with our internal and external environments.
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In this PlayShop, we will tune in to some inspiring self-care techniques (breath work, body movement, toning and meditation) to connect our hearts, invoke our life force and invite our whole being to unite in harmony.

Then, be bathed in an ocean of sounds emanating from gongs, voice, chimes, singing bowls, drum and chant, where the body can receive, the heart can restore, the mind can relax and the soul can rejuvenate, becoming one with the tides and tones of life.

FREE for members! Click HERE to sign up!

David Martin Bio:

David Martin Yoga

David combines his skill set as a Yogi, Reiki Master and Neuro-Acoustic Sound Practitioner, to create an immersive experience in Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) and Sound Meditation. Not only is the gong a sonic experience, it also facilitates a deep ultrasonic massage-like experience of the entire body down to the cellular level that allows us to experience deep relaxation, wholeness, healthy hormone secretions, waking dream-like states and even altered or heightened states of consciousness. We can relinquish erratic chatter of the mind and become profoundly aware of our entire being and it’s many layers as it is in a constant state of vibration. This truly unique experience of the gong is deeply relaxing and potently healing, guaranteed to offer a profound sense of inner silence, outer harmony, peace and stillness.

Kimberly Moon Bio:

Kimberly Moon, RMT, RYT-200, PMTC is a Vocalist & Musician, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga/Meditation Teacher and Shamanic Sound Celebrant whom enjoys inspiring community through uniquely created “Sound xPeeriences.” Her intuitive approach to wellness stems from a lifelong mission to nourish harmony of mind and nature, one frequency and being at a time. Her array of offerings poetically web science, art and spirituality into a tapestry of mindfulness explorations, encouraging individuals to become their own primary care practitioner and instruments of peace.

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