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Class List.

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  • New to Yoga?

    M·Power 1

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    A great place to start your M·Power Yoga journey. This non-heated Power Vinyasa Intro class provides more breakdowns and demos for the new student. It is accessible to the beginner, but still challenging for the advanced practitioner.

  • Take the next step

    Intro to M2

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    Have you been curious about taking your practice to the next level but not quite ready to jump into M.Power 2? Then this class is for you. Intro to M2 follows the same general flow as the M2 class. However in this class your instructor will break down postures, transitions, and variations that are often cued in M2 but not really explained in great detail. It’s also taught in lighter heat (92-93 degrees) to help you ease your way into a heated practice.


    M·Power 2

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    M·Power’s signature Vinyasa class, M·Power 2 connects poses in a new and creative way. This advanced Vinyasa Flow introduces inversions, advanced arm balances, and more involved transitions. M·Power 2 will always challenge your practice and help you play your edge, but is sequenced and presented in an accessible way. Level 2 classes are creatively designed by our instructors, allowing them to feature their personal styles and backgrounds. MP2 is taught in a heated room at 95–97 degrees, with 30% humidity. The heat helps loosen muscles, increase flexibility, and create a cardiovascular workout.


    Melt Hot Yoga

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    A more therapeutic yet still challenging class, Melt Hot Yoga is a set series of postures practiced at a temperature of 101–104 degrees, with 40% humidity. This sequence is a fusion between Vinyasa Yoga and the static traditional Hot Yoga series, incorporating the best of both worlds. Melt increases strength and tones muscle while promoting relaxation and stress relief. The intense heat helps detoxify the body, increase circulation, and relieve muscle tension. It’s a perfect class if you’re looking to lose weight, challenge your focus, or just sweat it all out.


    M·Power Barre

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    M·Power Barre is a dynamic and cardiovascular 60 minute workout. Combining the stretching and toning of Yoga, the core work of Pilates, and the strengthening principles of Ballet make this an interesting and invigorating workout. A high intensity class that uses props ranging from resistance bands to kickballs to add challenge, Barre is sure to sculpt your muscles and firm your body! Move mindfully, all the while building coordination, strength and self-awareness. You can find four styles of M·Power Barre on the schedule: Classic Barre, Cardio Barre, HIIT Barre and Pilates Barre. All 4 formats are accessible to students of any level, beginners are always welcome!


    Music in Motion

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    Live music in class is one or our specialties at M·Power. This class features a wide range of local musicians of all genres, including instrumental, acoustic, and singer-songwriters. Music In Motion rotates seasonally to different time slots and different formats. Check our schedule above for more info!


    Mend Restorative

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    Need to relax and unwind? This is the class to fit your mood. Mend gently stretches and heals the connective tissue while holding poses anywhere from 3-5 minutes each. You will spend most of the class lying down or seated and will be supported by a variety of yoga props to help you fully let go. Poses are chosen not on the basis of their challenge level but on how much they will help you relax and tune into your breath. Mend never requires strain or exertion. Come to class prepared to relax, destress and go inward!


    VinYin Fusion

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    This hybrid sequence is the perfect compliment to your Power Vinyasa Class, especially if you are looking for a new way to play your edge. You’ll begin with an invigorating and energizing power yoga flow that is designed to support additional flexibility while continuing to build strength. The practice will finish out with 30 minutes of Yin Yoga; an introspective, slower-paced, meditative style of yoga used to drop the body into stillness while we work to quiet the mind. During this portion, these floor poses will be used to explore passive stretching, while each pose is held for three to five minutes releasing the fascia and connective tissues and allowing your body and mind the opportunity to open.


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