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Cultivating a home practice can be like creating your own haven at home; having your own space to move, unwind and connect. The best part about creating your home practice, is that the space can reflect you entirely. Here are 8 tips that may help you build your at home practice; keep in mind you can get creative and add anything that may make you feel more connected. 

Clear a Space: First things first, clear a space in your home. This can be a corner in your living room, part of your bedroom; really anywhere in your home that is quiet and has enough room to fit yourself and a yoga mat. This may require a little bit of rearranging, but clearing space and clutter will also create space in the mind and body. Consider picking a spot with nice lighting or by a window!


Shrine: A shrine doesn’t have to be spiritual or religious, but instead serves as a focal point for your practice space and your yoga practice itself. Add a small table, shelf, or nightstand that can hold any kind of personal items that ground you, inspire you, or connect you to your mat. Examples of these could be crystals, candles, a book, an essential oil diffuser, perhaps a photograph of someone or something that holds meaning. These items add meaning to your space, and help to make it feel like your own.


Plants: If your space is by a window, consider adding a plant or two. Adding plants to your yoga haven will make the space feel more alive, help to clear the air, and can even boost healing. Even areas with low natural light can support hardy snake plants, which as a bonus are pet-safe!


Commit to creating time for yourself: Giving yourself time to connect and ground will help to establish a sense of routine and expand how you spend the rest of your day or evening. Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, giving yourself time to move, relax or meditate will improve your wellbeing; leading you into the best version of yourself. (We know it can be challenging to hold yourself accountable to a regular home practice, check out M·Power’s schedule of streaming classes to tune into yourself with the support of your studio community!)


Props: Having props can assist your yoga practice in more ways than one. Consider setting aside a yoga strap, blocks, or a bolster so offer your body more support, or aid you in getting deeper into asanas.You can also use alternative household items, such as belts, books, and pillows for DIY props. Consider using items you wouldn’t usually have access to in a yoga studio; such as a wall or chair… or a pair of warm socks and an extra sweater for a cozy savasana!


Music: Play your own tunes to set the tone for your practice, whether you’re seeking a sweaty, power vinyasa flow or hoping to relax and unwind with a gentle, restorative practice. You can find plenty of pre-made yoga playlists, or look for playlists created by your favorite yoga instructors! 


Use this time to connect inward: Connect to your breath, your body, and mind. In your home practice there isn’t the distraction of other students, so you can use this time to connect to yourself on a deeper level. 


Get creative and have fun: Since this is your own space, practice, and body, you can be creative in the way you arrange your space and practice yoga. You have the freedom of creating your own practice, or perhaps take the practice virtually online with a teacher. The space should allow to feel clear and grounded, giving you time to work toward poses you specifically want to work toward. 


Always follow your body and intuition; the practice and poses you take should honor your body in the present moment you’re in. Namaste!

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