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Erica Schommer, M.Power Yoga Teacher Training Co-Leader

1. We’re not corporate. M.Power offers a well-rounded training that doesn’t just focus on the physical.  We cover Chakras, Ayurveda, Energetics, and how to apply them to teaching and your life.  It’s not just one session and done, it’s a continuous thread throughout the training.


2. Seriously awesome guest lecturers. Outside experts in fields ranging from Anatomy and Physiology to philosophy to and meditation bring their knowledge and experience, as well as a fresh perspective!


3. Tons of student support. Each student is assigned a mentor for in-person support during training. We also have a high student to teacher ratio and post-graduation learning and teaching opportunities.


4. Be ready to teach. M.Power’s easy to learn Language Formulas have consistently helped students and new teachers feel confident leading classes, both during training and in the studio.


5. Sequence like a boss. Students learn to sequence from the strong foundation of a well-rounded process, and are also prepared to create their own sequences based on the chakras, energetic themes, or more advanced asanas.


6. A bit of co-leader love. Both Jermain Keene and Erica Schommer were trained differently and have unique perspectives on yoga, asana, and teaching. Their different backgrounds and perspectives allow them to lead the M.Power training in a way that encourages every student to become their own teacher.


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