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Where are you from and what do you do? 

I am a professional photographer and have a BFA in Photography from MICA. I grew up in Virginia but have lived in three countries (Mexico, Italy and France) and six states (Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, and DC). Baltimore is my art home. After many years of being away, I threw down the anchor in 2015 and bought a house in Patterson Park. I love this city. I am happy to be back (well, at least for now lol). 

I divide my time between personal art projects and commissioned work and own Bmoreculinary food photography/styling, PR and culinary events business.

What’s your favorite yoga pose or barre exercise? What pose or exercise do you find to be most challenging? 

The asanas provide a physical practice to move through space and time with mindfulness and concentration, taking care of my body and providing the discipline to confront challenges. It calms my mind and has made me stronger on the inside and out. My favorite pose is Warrior 2, it gives me strength. All the warrior poses are fierce and empowering. 


What’s your favorite M.Power class or event? 

Oh my, where should I begin. Hard to choose just one. I love Power Vinyasa Yoga and regularly attend all the heated M2 classes. I love Robin Fencel, she’s a yogi bad ass whose practice is both physically and mentally challenging to a killer playlist. I love the pure physicality of her classes and her spirit. She brings so much joy and love into the studio. I also love any class by Robin Morris, she brings great creativity to the studio, has super creative flow sequences and a great voice. She gets me out of my head. Michelle DeVore Zuniga was my 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training mentor. I love the authenticity and yoga theory/philosophy she brings to practice. And, Erica Schommer is simply a great teacher and educator. Really, there’s a practice and teacher for anyone at any level at M.Power Yoga Studio. Recently, my yoga bae Isadora Ferraro brought me to Winter Shaw’s ashtanga class which kicked my butt and challenged my mind. I will be returning to Winter’s class soon. 


What advice do you have for someone who is new to Baltimore or new to M.Power? 

I’ve met “my people” at M. Power Yoga Studio and feel a part of the yoga community in Baltimore. I met some of my best friends in the 200-hour PYTT. Highly recommend joining this studio for personal growth, overall wellness and strength inside and out. This studio has been incredibly supportive. I also recommend Baltimore Bike Party to explore this awesome city by bike. Baltimore also has a great food scene, music scene and art scene. Check out all the free concerts in Baltimore, support local restaurants and support local vendors/farmers at the JFX Farmers Market. And check out Artscape in the summer, BMA, Walters Art Gallery and art galleries of Baltimore. 

Advice for new students? Say hello to your neighbor in the studio. They may end up being your best friend. Commit to a yoga practice on the regular. Go in with an open mind, with no expectations and be patient with your practice. And, don’t forget to hydrate. 


What empowers you on the mat and in your life? 

Yoga has given me strength to face personal challenges, find inner peace and discover my true authentic self in times of great loss, stress and grief. Yoga helps me connect with others from a genuine place and allows me to find peace, happiness and joy. It helps my creativity and has challenged me beyond measure. Yoga gives me the tools and courage to move forward during challenges. Yoga takes courage, discipline and persistence. Yoga brings peace and serenity in a healthy, safe environment. It has brought GRACE in my daily life. It has been a joyful catharsis. I am grateful for the journey.

Special thank you to Julie Hove Andersen for Brady’s headshot.


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