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It doesn’t take a Ballerina to gain long, lean, strong legs!


While standing forearm distance away from the barre, place your left foot in front of your right with your left heel touching your toes. Up for a challenge in this pose? Test your balance by placing one hand or both on your hips or straight up into the air.

Calf Raises: 

Start in your main position and then lift onto your tiptoes squeezing your calf muscles as you rise. Make sure to maintain a neutral spine and keep your chin off of your chest. If you find yourself pitching over place both hands back on the barre.

Plié and Relevé: 

From your calf raises position, bend at the knees to plié ¼ down. Maintain a neutral spine while growing tall through the crown of your head. Slowly rise back up to your full calf raise. Continue lowering down for a count of two and rising for a count of two.

Pelvic Tilt


On your last plié, hold the position at ¼ hold. Complete pelvic tilts by “untucking” your tail (anterior pelvic tilt) and then “tucking” your tail back under (posterior pelvic tilt). Maintain a strong core in this position by pulling your navel to your spine.

One last challenge!

Those legs may be speaking to you here- embrace the shake! Challenge yourself by holding this plié for a count of 8 in proper form.


Slowly rise to a standing position, switch feet positioning and repeat with your right foot in front.



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