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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a competitor. I know, that’s not something you’d expect to hear from a yoga instructor, but stay with me. When I first started taking yoga, it was all about achieving the best pose, pushing myself, and “mastering” yoga. It’s taken me several years, but my yoga journey has taught me that I had it all wrong.

I was seeking outward approval, trying to be the “best.” I’ve since learned that yoga humbles me and mindful movement reminds me that yoga is so much more about what is happening in my mind and soul on the mat – the poses simply get me to a place where I can find a deeper connection. That is what mindful movement is all about for me. How I move and how my movement connects with my mind and soul – it is constantly evolving. There is no “mastery” – there is only the journey of the mind and body together on the mat and out in the world.

As an instructor, I seek to create sequences that blend mind, movement, body, and soul. I try to truly bring students into their breath, and allow it to move them – I think that is key in any yoga class because it grounds you and opens your mind to the discoveries that are there that day on the mat. Knowing where to find your edge, and where to soften, can only come from you. Having complete trust and honesty with yourself is where you can find mindful movement – your practice is yours and yours alone – let it move you authentically.

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