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What led you to become a Yoga instructor?
·         I always knew I’d eventually find my way into the health/fitness industry. From my childhood through my adolescent years, I  was dancing, cheering, swimming, or playing lacrosse. I was always sharing the best new workout fads with friends and family and from an early age I always knew I had a passion to teach. The past 5 years I have actively practiced yoga to increase my strength, stability and balance. After years of playing high impact sports, such as lacrosse, I find that both yoga and barre are still challenging but much kinder to my body.

About 4 years ago, I discovered a new found love for barre. I was instantly hooked after my first barre class. I have taught barre to various students in the Baltimore area, and I’ve discovered that barre is not only addicting to practice, but rewarding to teach. I love hearing from my students that they’ve finally found a workout where they’re physically seeing results! Yoga came much later in life for me, but I’m just as grateful that it did. I decided to pursue teaching yoga to share my love for the practice, but to also gain a deeper understanding of my own self practice. As I am tenured in teaching Barre and new to teaching Yoga, both are beautiful in their own shape and form. Practicing both Barre & Yoga is a great way to challenge your stability, strength, and endurance in a mindful way.
What pose challenges you the most right now?
·         For Barre- seat work always seems to be the most challenging for me and for my students! I really aim to focus on the smaller gluteus muscles in our seat that rarely get the attention they deserve. This usually results in interesting “faces” throughout my class and sore muscles, but all in all, the students FEEL and eventually see the results. For Yoga- balancing has always been my own personal struggle but I feel as though I share this with others too. We try so hard to balance many activities in our day-to-day that our own personal lives can sometimes feel out of balance. The same experience can sometimes happen on the mat as well. The challenge here is focus- finding your point of focus, which lately has been my breath, usually helps me in juggling life’s obstacles on and off the mat.
What is your favorite thing about teaching?
·         My favorite thing about teaching goes back to the M. Power foundation that resonates the most with me, and that’s meaningful connections. Seeing the same students come back week after week to my class is probably the most rewarding aspect of my teaching because they’re gaining a trust in me and they’re also gaining a connection with me.
Where would you most like to travel, and why?
·         I loveeee to travel. I’ve been to several amazing places thus far in my life but there are SO many more amazing places I plan to go. One place I would love to explore, and hope to one day, is Tanzania Africa. I so badly want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and see the safari life in Tanzania. I would also love to travel to the small island off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar, and maybe host a yoga retreat here one day.
Outside of teaching, what do you like to do for fun?
·         Outside of teaching, I enjoy spending time with my dog Buddy, my husband Tom and my friends and family. Some of my favorite days are just spent at our waterfront park reading a book and lounging under a tree on a sunny day.
What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?
·         Most people are shocked when I tell them I work in finance, I have an identical twin sister and I play the ukulele. All facts, but for some reason people don’t see them when they meet just me!

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