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Mermaid Posture Clinic

Set sail for Mermaid Pose, on a journey that will open your hips as it lengthens your back into a gorgeous arch.


Downward Facing Dog


  • Press your heels to the mat
  • Ground down through your knuckles
  • Point all 10 fingers toward the front of the mat
  • Turn the eyes of your elbows forward
  • Bring your ears in line with your biceps
  • Shine the upper part of your chest forward
  • Relax your Shoulders down your back


Three-Legged Dog


  • Reach your left leg high
  • Extend through your heel
  • Point your toes towards the floor
  • Square your hip towards the mat
  • Press equally through both hands to level your shoulders



Half Pigeon


  • Bring your left knee to meet your left wrist
  • Point your left foot towards the right side of the room
  • Move your shin to be parallel with the top of your mat
  • Bring your hands in by your waist
  • Lift your chest
  • Look back at your right extended leg
  • Move your right leg in-line with your hips
  • Turn your gaze forward
  • Fold forward over your left leg



One Legged King Pigeon


  • Lift your chest
  • Bring your hands in by your waist
  • Square your hips towards the front of your mat
  • Bend your right knee
  • Reach your right heel towards your sits bones
  • Grab the inside edge of your right foot with your right hand
  • Slide your foot into the crease of your right elbow
  • Tent your left fingertips on the mat
  • Extend your left arm towards the sky





  • Bend your left elbow
  • Reach back for your right fingertips
  • Clasp your hands together

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