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What led you to become a Barre Instructor: I’ve always had a passion for group fitness classes, especially HIIT Burn and TABATA classes. When I got my cert in Barre I thought it would be great to incorporate my ACE personal training experience and group fitness classes with BARRE.   One day I just walked into M POWER studio and asked the Owner Jason Herd for a chance! He set me up for a demo with the manager Michelle and here I am! I love teaching Barre at M Power because they allow us to have creativity with each class we teach. Most studios make you follow a choreograph for months, but M Power allows each instructor to bring something different to the table with their classes.

My passion is cardio BARRE! I love seeing my classes push themselves, sweat, and have fun! I especially love it when my students tell me what a great work out they had and they can’t wait to see me again on the schedule.


I love teaching barre for the many benefits it offers:

Being worked from head to toe

Work muscles to failure

Modifications for every age and level

Increased flexibility

Never boring!

Lost weight and inches

Greater range of motion and endurance for all other activities and sports

Rapid results

No experience necessary!


What sequence or exercise challenges you the most right now?

I make every exercise challenge my students as well as myself, but if I had to pick one It would be plank series with gliders and my glute sequence . I get a lot of feedback from my students about how they love those exercises!


What is your favorite part about teaching?

I would have to say my favorite part is making the classes fun but challenging, for every student at different levels of fitness. . I provide modifications for every exercise and really watch my students throughout the class. I love seeing my students have a great time while taking my class. I make each class about them. They give me suggestions on songs they like and what body part they want to focus on and I make it happen for them. My job is to give them the best experience they can have so that is what I do with each and every class. I also have tons of students that stay after for stretching advice and nutrition questions. I make sure every student leaves M Power happy!


Where would you most like to travel and why?

Honestly, the best vacation for me is to be with my family on a beach somewhere! I have a 12 year old son, a wonderful husband and two amazing dogs. As long as I’m with them and have some place to break out my jump rope and do 8 rounds of TABATA I’m happy! I like to keep things simple and appreciate what I have.

What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

I love my dogs! And dancing in the house while cooking dinner!

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