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Get grounded. From downward facing dog, drop to your knees. Place your forearms on top of one another to measure the distance of your foundation. Your right fingertips should be touching your left elbow and vice versa. Place your forearms down on the mat. Press your palms down onto the mat. Curl your toes under and lift your hips to the ceiling. Feel your weight here. Press down with your forearms and engage your arm muscles.


Play with your weight. Lift one leg and feel you body adjust. Press down deeply with your forearms and engage your core. Practice this exercise with the other leg. Next, lift one leg and bend your supporting leg. While in the air continue to ground down, engage your core, and get active in your legs. You can use a wall to help feel your balance. Kick both legs up and rest your feet on the wall. Bring one foot off the wall and play with bringing the other off the wall as well. When both legs are up flex or point your toes to bring energy into your legs.



Keep at it. Continue to practice! This posture takes commitment and determination. You can practice dolphin push-ups to strengthen for this posture. To try this, start in dolphin pose. Bring your chin towards your thumbs and then push back. Repeat this 10 more times.




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