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Posture Clinic: Revolved Triangle (Parivrtta Trikonasana)
Revolved triangle is a great way to tone the core/hips, lengthen the spine, and improve digestion.  If you have any hip or back issues work slowly and mindfully, being sure not to over exert yourself.

Setup Your Foundation: Creating a strong foundation through the standing legs & torso is really important in this posture.  From Mountain Pose (Tadasana) place your arms behind you and grab opposite elbows to create openess in the chest and length through the spine. Stagger your feet, right foot in front of left foot, and railroad them so that your feet are not in the same line.  Keep your back left foot at a 45 degree angle and your front right foot perpendicular to the top of your mat.  Press firmly through the heel of the back foot and through the inner arch of the front foot.  Inhale, lengthen through the torso, and exhale square your hips to the front of the mat.  Work slowly if you have tight hips and hamstrings, you should feel a gently stretch through the hip/hamstring of both legs.
Lengthen the Spine: Inhale, work the crown of your head up towards the sky.  Exhale, forward fold over your front right leg until your torso is parallel to the mat.  Draw the navel in towards the spine to engage the abdominals and lengthen through the torso.  With your arms still behind you, stay open through the chest.  Check in with your back left heel and front right inner arch – make sure they stay grounded.  Complete 5 breath cycles; every inhale, lengthen through the spine with hips squared, and every exhale ground deeper through the feet.  Begin to steady the mind and steady the breath.
Find Your Twist: Take your left hand and place it on the outside of the front right foot.  Press the palm of your left hand evenly into the mat, making sure the thumb and forefinger stay grounded.  Inhale, lengthen the spine & open through the chest.  Exhale, rotate the torso to the right.  Find the twist in your thoracic and cervical spine and work your chest towards the sky.  Stay long through the right side body.  Keep working here for 3 full breaths – lengthening on every inhale, and twisting a bit deeper on the exhales.  When you’re ready, take your right hand and reach it upwards – stacking right arm in line with left arm.  Take your gaze up to your right thumb.  Stay in this fullest expression for 15 breaths or until your legs begin to shake.
Helpful Hints:
1. Pull up on the quadriceps and kneecaps.  Evenly distribute the weight throughout all four corers of both feet.  Be mindful when your weight starts to shift onto one side.
2. To square the hips place your hands on your hips and gently draw the left hip forward and right hip back till you feel a gently lengthening on both sides.
3. If you’re still working to find a twist, place the left hand on the inside of the right foot, instead of the outside.  Work here till you’ve built the core strength and spinal flexibility to twist deeper.
4. Use blocks!  Place your left hand on a block when working into the twist.  This is helpful to avoid caving in through the torso.  Props are a great in any posture to help find the right engagement in your body/mind. But remember, they are only meant to be tools, not crutches.

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