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For more than just safety reasons, I believe ‘mindful movement’ is one of the most integral things you can focus on to grow your practice. To me, mindful movement is what takes place in-between each posture as well as the adjustments we make once in a posture and it is facilitated by the breath.


When I think of moving mindfully, I am drawn to how the breath connects with movement. How on an inhale to halfway lift, you can notice each individual vertebra aligning to create a straight spine. That when you slow your breath, the mind tends to slow as well, and it’s in those slower moments you can really connect mind to body and take notice of the micro things that are happening as you move into or hold a posture.
At times I catch myself rushing around from place to place, reacting to the world around me as I zoom along…and sometimes I forget to take a pause. The thing I love about my yoga practice is that by really focusing on the foundation of ‘Mindful Movement’, I am able to slow down, move with intention, take notice of where I am physically and mentally, and adjust rather than react.

– Krista Darrell

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