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What led you to become a yoga instructor?

I picked up yoga in college as a means of exercise that was more accessible, for me, then going to the gym and using weight machines. My main goal when I started yoga was to build strength, I was too flexible and had come close to suffering serious injuries because my muscles weren’t holding my joints together tight enough. After years of doing yoga I wanted to deepen my practice which led me to enter Yoga Teacher Training. I actually did not think that I wanted to teach yoga when I first started the training. It wasn’t until we started teaching each other, and then taught our beginner yogi friends, that I became inspired to teach yoga.
What yoga posture challenges you the most right now?

Right now the posture that challenges me the most is Dancer Pose.
What is your favorite thing about teaching?

My favorite thing about teaching is getting to see when a cue, or an explanation of how a pose is supposed to be set-up or feel, really clicks with a student. To know that I have helped someone move further along their path of/to yoga is really uplifting and empowering to me.

Where would you most like to travel, and why?

I absolutely love to travel. In fact, I promise myself to use my passport at least once a year. My favorite place that I have traveled to is Italy. I have been there twice and can’t wait to get back there again! If I had to pick a new place I’d most want to travel to, I would love to go to Germany or Australia. My family came over from Germany so it would be cool to try and trace our history back there and Australia has been on my list for a while. I’d love to do a cage dive with great white sharks if I went there!
Outside of teaching, what do you like to do for fun?

I love to travel, but when I am home and not doing yoga you can find me with my nose in a book or working on one of the many home improvement projects I have going on around the house.


What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

Most people do not know that I am also a PADI certified Scuba diver 🙂 Another thing that I like to try and do at least once a year.

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