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I have to say that the notion of MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS is truly what brought me to MPower to begin with.  Through our vibrant yoga community, I was introduced to Jason Herd.  We chatted yoga, goals and life stories for a few hours.  MPower wasn’t open yet, in fact I think construction had just begun.  But Jason took a chance on me and after interviewing with him and Michelle, they offered me a teaching position.  Talk about a meaningful connection.

Probably my biggest love of practicing and teaching yoga is that it offers you an hour on your mat as your own person – yet at the same time you know you are supported by something larger.  You feel a sense of love and connectivity with others in the class and in the community at large.  Some of my best friends have been found on the mat (and in chatty changing rooms 😉
As a teacher, it is such a joy to develop relationships with students – and in reality, our students are our best teachers.  Our students hold space for us as teachers, they inspire us to be the best versions of our true authentic selves.  I can come in to teach feeling tired or sad, lost or scared and leave feeling lifted, inspired, joyous and reminded of why I love what I do.
I can only hope to offer my students the love, support and inspiration that they offer me.

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