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The speed at which we live our lives puts our brain into a high gear: we tend to make decisions and movements in life without clear intention. Much of the time we go through the motions and they don’t have a lot of meaning.  This spans from our physical actions (changing the radio station, eating a meal, folding laundry), to our words (conversations between family, friends and co-workers), to our inner dialogue (the thoughts that move through our head).

I have been trying to slow things down and move through my life more mindfully. I have started to break down actions and think very specifically.  This has helped me appreciate the present moment in its finest detail.  How does my foot feel as it hits the pavement?  What piece of laundry do I want to pick up and fold next?  How can I show my mother I am really listening to her with my body language?  I find I am wasting less mental (and physical) energy because my focus is optimized.  When I pour my energy into the present moment none of it is wasted because the present is all that truly exists.  By slowing down my thoughts and focusing on the details I move through the present mindfully and, in turn, build a better future.  I don’t want to be the kind of person that just “goes through the motions”.  I want to be present and aware and do things with heart and purpose.  I want to think and speak and act mindfully.  The physical practice of yoga helps me to learn and re-learn this lesson. When I teach myself to be mindful in my bodily movement and mental thought on my mat, I become more equipped to take this practice off my mat, among all the distractions of everyday, fast-paced life.
Fall is a great time to set an intention of Mindful Movement.  Nature is slowing it’s pace and we, as humans, can easily follow.  I encourage you to think about the ‘why’ behind your thoughts and actions- you will probably find many things you have been thinking and doing to be unnecessary.  You can then begin to commit only to the most important things and optimize your energy.  It’s not easy- its a work in progress.  But I for one, am excited about fall and the mindfulness it brings.

– Robin Morris

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