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I am really into wheel these days. It opens my front hip flexors, heart, shoulders and upper back.  In wheel the head falls below the heart and therefore you receive the benefits of an inversion. 

To set it up bring your feet to the mat, hips width distance and scoot them closer to your bum so you can touch your heels with your fingertips.  Plant your hands by your ears, fingertips facing your waist.  On an inhale press down with your feet and hands to lift your hips.  Work to straighten your legs.  If there is pinching in your low back, walk your feet farther away from your hands, but make sure the inside of your feet stay parallel (the toes tend to flare out).  Press down with your heels- this will protect your low back by encouraging your tailbone to tuck.  As you straighten your legs, press your heart through your shoulders/arms and lengthen your spine.  Stay as long as you like.  Then tuck your chin to your chest and slowly lower down; feeling your upper, middle and low back hit the mat.  After wheel you can take Supta Baddha Konasana- bringing the soles of your feet together and letting your knees come wide. Stay here and take 5-10 breaths.


Enjoy! – Robin Morris

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