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I have a strong connection to Moxie. Moxie means force of character, determination or nerve. Not just on my mat but every day off my mat. My personal mantra is lead life by making calculated risks. Always take chances, push yourself outside your comfort zone. Just make sure you have put some thought into it. Everyone has a different range of comfort, so we can’t compare ourselves to others. We need to find our own edge. I have pushed my edge by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and volunteering for 6 weeks in Africa. I backpacked throughout India for 6 weeks and Southeast Asia for 7 weeks by myself. The people I met, the culture I got to be a part of and the gorgeous scenery I took in changed me for the better. Trust me, each trip was full of moments that really pushed my edge…even moments that pushed my life to the edge. But I live to tell about it…and wouldn’t change my past experiences.


Each day I wake up and think of something I am going to do that will push my comfort zone, at work, in my practice or in my personal life. This “push” is what creates change in our bodies, our minds and in our souls.


– Dana Robert

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