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If you’ve ever taken class with Kristen you know she has a love for handstands! We asked her to give us some quick tips to help master this challenging and intimidating inversion. Here’s her secret recipe for success:

1.     Warming up your wrist with a few stretches to prep for handstands is always a good idea.

2.     Place your hands shoulder width distance apart on the ground.

3.     Start by having one leg up in your half splits and your strong kicking leg about two feet back from your wrists.

4.     Keep your gaze down at your fingertips.

5.     Kick your kicking leg up towards you glutes (think heel to glute).

6.     Press through your hands and shoulders firmly.

7.     Core stays engaged; squeeze your quads and glutes.

8.     Try to slowly bring your legs together to touch.

9.     Most important, remember to keep breathing!

Catch Kristen at the studio Thursday morning’s at 9am in person and give it a try. See you on the mat soon!

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