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Elizabeth triangle

Pregnancy can take a toll on women’s core and this can cause diastasis recti or separation of the abdominal muscles. One way to help prevent this and/or repair it is by strengthening the transverse abdominals, the deep core muscles that hold everything in like a belt. Throughout my pregnancy and post-partum my favorite ways to strengthen my core is in triangle pose or trikonasana. 
To practice trikonasana start in warrior I. Straighten your right leg and press your left hip toward the back of the room. Then as you activate your core exhale and reach your right arm as far forward as possible. When you can’t reach any further lower your right hand to your shin, a block or the floor and extend you left arm up to the sky-keep it inline with your shoulders. Check in with your body. Make sure your right hand is connected to your body or a prop but try to not grip. This is where your core comes in. Notice if you are crunching into your side, if you are see if you can come up an inch-challenge yourself.   Instead of crunching into your right side fire up your obliques and transverse abdominals and keep both sides of your torso equally long. For a variation experiment with reaching both of your hands forward parallel to the mat. To come out of the pose inhale deeply press your left foot firmly into the matt and imagine someone was pulling your left hand to help you rise.



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