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Jason h

A brand new sequence to M.Power.. come try this unique format out and give us your feedback! This hybrid sequence is the perfect compliment to your Power Vinyasa Class, especially if you are looking for a new way to play your edge.

You’ll begin with an invigorating and energizing power yoga flow that is designed to support additional flexibility while continuing to build strength. This portion of class will be heated to 98 degrees and 30% humidity (M2 heat). The practice will finish out with 30 minutes of Yin Yoga; an introspective, slower – paced, meditative style of yoga used to drop the body into stillness while we work to quiet the mind. During this portion, these floor poses will be used to explore passive stretching, while each pose is held for three to five minutes releasing the fascia and connective tissues and allowing our bodies and minds the opportunity to open. This portion of class will be 80-85 degrees and 30% humidity (M1 setting).

Sunday’s with Jason Herd at 7pm.  Beginning in June 2016.

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