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One of the things that drew me to M.Power is their commitment to the foundations that built the essence of the studio. Without a foundation it’s hard to build a home.   M.Power feels like a home away from home. While each foundation is important, one that resonated with me was Mindful Movement. Mindful Movement can mean many things from the physical to community.


Lets start with the physical. I’m a huge believer in moving mindfully through any physical activity. Sometimes that means regressing and progressing when needed. You only get one body so take care of it now. Your body will naturally progress even during regression. It may need time to heal to progress. There are times I will take a M1 class just to reset. Listening to your body is very important in mindfully moving physically.


Once you start listening to your body physically you starting to make a conscious mental movement. This can transition to becoming more mindful of your entire self care, emotionally and socially. This can give you a great appreciation for yourself and others, which leads to community.


Once you become more mindful of yourself and others, it becomes contagious. Slowly we start to build this community of mindful people who care about the wellbeing of others. That’s the thing I love about M.Power; it’s the community of teachers and students.


– Jason Williams

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