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Jason Williams is our instructor of the month for May! Jason teaches the mindful, yet challenging new Pilates Barre format at M.Power. You can try it out on Saturday’s at Noon. He will also be launching a brand new Meditation class beginning May 8th, Sunday at 4:15pm. Jason knows how to inspire his students and create an experience in his classes. He gives you the results you are looking for and keeps you coming back for more. Don’t miss his class!

What led you to become a pilates & barre instructor? 
I’ve always had this wonder and amazement about body alignment ever since high school when I ran cross country. I started teaching mat pilates about eight years ago.  I loved that Joseph Pilates fused dance and physical rehab into a workout to create length and strength.  I fell into Barre by accident, when I was asked to sub a class and actually really enjoyed teaching it so much that I kept studying more about it.  I figured I should keep doing it when someone asked if I was a dancer.
What yoga/barre posture or move challenges you the most right now?
Any exercise where I have to lift my leg anteriorly or to the front.  My hip flexors don’t like that, haha!
What is your favorite thing about teaching? 
I love being able to teach a class that is really challenging but not detrimental to the body. Seeing students strengthen their weaknesses is the fun part.
Where would you most like to travel, and why?
Egypt, I think the Pyramids are fascinating.  Being able to build great structures that still stand from a hundred years ago.
Outside of teaching, what do you like to do for fun?
Most recently cooking is what I like to do for fun.
What is one thing about you that most people don’t know? 
I don’t like rides at amusement parks

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