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If the thought of beginning a yoga practice is intimidating, now is the best time to start. Every Tuesday and Wednesday night in July, and select Saturdays in July and August, M.Power yoga instructors are volunteering their teaching time to share free community yoga at the Living Classrooms center in Patterson Park. This is a great way to begin a life-long yoga practice for free!


These classes are open to anybody and you are encouraged to bring a yoga mat (there are a few on hand to borrow) if you need one.


We asked Devon Ritchie of Living Classrooms to talk a little about what makes the free community yoga classes so important. She said “Patterson Park’s Living Classrooms Center is a place were community members bring their sons and daughters daily which makes the center a safe place to practice yoga for the first time. For many participants in our yoga classes, a typical class fee does not fit into the family budget.” That is why these classes are offered free of charge to anyone in the community.


Jason Herd, Co-founder of M.Power, said “We decided we wanted to work with an organization that supports kids and young adults in Baltimore’s underserved communities. Living Classrooms provides kids with the skills and opportunities they need to be empowered to make changes in their lives for the better.”


Michelle Devore, Yoga Teacher and Studio Manager, summed up the volunteer teaching experience perfectly. “There is something so beautiful about teaching someone something as seemingly simple as how to balance on one foot or take deeper breaths and seeing the light bulb come on when they get it. These classes remind me of why I got into yoga in the first place and the power that yoga has to transform lives even with the simplest of sequences. I leave these classes feeling blessed beyond words and I always leave feeling like I gained more than I gave away.”



This summer there are so many ways to share your M.Power yoga practice with the community of Baltimore! Please remember that you are welcome to come roll out a mat at the Living Classrooms’ center even if you have an existing studio practice,and you can donate directly to Living Classrooms by practicing Sunday nights at M.Power with Jason at 7pm. ($8 is the suggested donation and you can give whatever you like as 100% of the money goes directly to Living Classrooms).


Remaining Summer Schedule (rain or shine):



Tuesdays 6-7pm with LA Finfinger

Wednesdays 6-7pm with Brenna Frania

Saturday 18th 10am with Erica Schommer

Saturday 25th 10 am with Kristin Walsh



Saturday 1st 10am with Vanessa Young

Saturday 8th 10am with Cecelia Bellomo


Patterson Park Youth Sports & Education Center

200 South Linwood Ave Baltimore, MD 21224

Located inside Patterson Park

Walk or park near dog park & tennis courts on Linwood Ave and head towards ice rink (large white dome) keep it on your left and head down the path towards pool. We are the building with the grey roof.



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